Tesla Model S and X spotted with Hardware 4.0 and a new set of cameras

Tesla Model S

As previously reported by various media outlets, Tesla has been preparing to upgrade its Autopilot full self-driving hardware throughout its fleet. Based on the tweet by @klwtts, a couple of Tesla Model S and X have been spotted with Hardware 4.0 and a new set of cameras.

In December last year, Tesla filed with FCC that it intended to use radar in its vehicles and would start marketing it in January. This was quite a surprising move from Tesla. In the past, the company had made it clear that they would go vision only to achieve full self-driving and started removing radar and ultrasonic sensors from their cars.

With the new set of cameras, Tesla cars will have a better understanding of their surroundings. Coupled with new cameras, Hardware 4.0 will provide more powerful computing power to process and make decisions more quickly.

The said Twitter user visited the Fremont factory in the hopes of spotting new hardware changes and sure enough, he spotted them in the vehicles parked outside.

Some of the most notable changes are around cameras. In the picture below, it is quite apparent that the angle of the camera has changed.


[column width=”5″]Tesla Hardware Upgrade 4.0[/column]

[column width=”5″]Tesla Old Camera Position[/column]


Here’s the complete list of changes he has found so far –

Tesla Model S and X – Hardware 4.0 Changes

  • Front-facing camera enclosure
  • Fender camera angle
  • Updated B-pillar camera
  • Slight positional change in the rear camera next to the plate

As of now, these changes are limited to Model S and X. 

Based on the previous reports, the company might announce these changes around March 1 Investor Day.